World’s cutest slugs: Cute Fluffy Rabbit

Jorunna is a genus of sea slugs that look like bunnies made of yummy gummy treats.

I would like introduce a new friend from the sea, its named Jorunna parva. According to the information on my hand, it will visit the home of children across the world, and leave little, colorful eggs made of yummy gummy treats every year. I’m not 100% sure, yet I choose to believe it 🙂

SEE~~~  How cute is it !?


If you polled people on marine life , sea slugs would probably rate somewhere near the bottom if they made the list at all.

But maybe the sea slug’s image is about to change because the Japanese Net, purveyors of all things cute, have just discovered Jorunna parva, the fluffy little bunnies of the sea.



Looks like it’s time to get that scuba certification.



Equipped with two tiny “ears” and a fluffy “tail,” it’s no wonder people are comparing the slug to rabbits, cats, and Pokémon.

cute bunny


But the “bunny ears” atop the slug’s body are actually rhinophores , which allow the animal to process scents


Jorunna parva can be found in Japan and in other parts of the Pacific, surely warming the hearts of the lucky divers who stumble upon them.



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