Swiss Chicken Wings Recipe

How to make a Swiss Chicken Wing




Chicken wing 1 kg
Dark soy sauce 125 milliliters
Soy sauce 125 milliliters
Sesame oil 1 teaspoon
Crystal sugar 150 grams
Rose liquor  2 teaspoons
Water one-fourth cups
Illicium 1 grain
Cinnamon Rolls  1 piece
Ginger Several pieces
Onion 1
Dried orange peel 1 piece


How to make

1. The chicken wing defrosts first.

2. After flying water and prepare to use after.

3. All materials (besides chicken wing) put in the hot pot to boil

4. Boil the chicken wings for 10 minutes by the medium baking temperature

5. After the flame-out, soaks for 10 minutes. Finish!

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