Sky High Accommodation: Natura Vive Skylodge Adventure Suite

Recently, you may own a new reason why you have to Peru. Beyond it’s  gorgeous nation full of history, culture, and delicious foods, it also offer you a valuable chance to spend the night in a special hotel room which is  a spectacular experience to get yourself in 1,300 feet from the ground on the side of a mountain. Simply Stunning  !!!!

The Natura Vive Skylodge is a unique destination, offering accommodations for daring travelers who have an interest to sleep in a condor’s nest, perched high above the Sacred Valley of Cuzco. Sounds wonderful, right ?!

To have a short explanation more about this generous accommodation:

– located on a cliff face in Peru’s Sacred Valley

– reached by making a 400-m (1,312-ft) vertical climb up a steel ladder embedded in the rock ( including stretches where guests must also traverse the cliff horizontally) WOW ~~~ Must put this into my checklist !!!

Below is just a attractive official description of what’s going on of this accommodation  🙂


Each suite measures 24 feet by 8 feet and sports transparent polycarbonate walls on an aluminum frame, enabling guests to take in a 300-degree view of the valley below.



Say ‘HELLO’ to the world !!!! by climbing up the mountain YEAH~~~
The approach is part of the experience, though, which is intended to immerse guests in nature as well as connection of themselves and surroundings in a very visceral way.


Here get mountain and river, what would you wanna to do ?

images (2)


The individual ‘rooms’ can sleep up to four people with a double bed at one end of the floating capsule and two single beds that double as galley seating in the main area of the suite. Despite the see-through walls, there is some privacy to be had, which comes from lightweight opaque curtains guests can draw around and in between the sleeping areas, should they so desire.


Can imagine this bravo view is in front of your eyes ! Should be the most beautiful one and share with your love one .

Skylodge-Adventure-Suites-10images (1)

For people who don’t want to climb, there’s additionally an option of getting there via a combination of hiking trails and a zip-line network.



Finally, It’s all depends on your decision making whether it’s terrifying or whether it’s worth to have a fresh try ?!


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