Simple Black Sesame Ice-cream Recipe



Material (500 ml)
Yolk 65 g
Powdered sugar 90 g
Sesame powder 85 g
Milk powder 30 g
Milk 190 g
Whipping cream 390 g


How to make

1.Mix the egg yolk, sugar and milk with a whisk until creamy, add sesame powder and mix well together.

2.Heat the milk and stir side side into the practices of (1) in the mix, let it cool and reserve. .

3. Stir the whipped cream for approximately 10 minute. Mix with step 2 well. After finished all the procession. Put them all in a container and cool down them. Then put them in the fridge.

4.Frozen after 2 hours, stirring them with blender, so that combined with the air, repeat steps 3 – 4 times. Finish!

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