Serradura- Simple recipe and decoration ideas

History of Serradura

Serradura, also called sawdust pudding in western area, a Portuguese dessert but get popular in Macau. This dessert is basically made by biscuit and cream. But after people improve years and years, it arises more and more different favor, such as Green Tea Serradura, Coffee favor Serradura, Chocolate Serradura, Mango Serradura, Cookies Serradura, Nuts Serradura and so on and so on 🙂


Decoration ideas and different favor

Here’s just little through that I wanna share in here! I still remember I try this dessert in 6 years before. And my actual age is a secret! I won’t tell you 🙂 What my first impression of this Portuguese dessert is so delicious and absolutely differ with other kinds of dessert! Because Serradura is basically just make by biscuit and cream and nothing else! Here’s some different taste and decoration ideas of Serradura, then the recipe and making procession is after the decoration ideas. Hope you enjoy and like it 🙂


This is Oreo favor 😛



This is strawberry serradura 🙂



This is green tea mixed with cream.



This is chocolate favor




And there two is original favor


Ingredients to make Serradura

Materials  (Best  for 18cm  cake  side)
Marie biscuits (Alternative may be oreo/ sweet biscuit)  160 g (Actually depends that you wanna to eat more biscuit or less)
Cocoa powder 1 teaspoon
Whipping cream 450 ml
Condensed Milk 120 g
Suitable  decoration Everything
Vanilla sugar powder (Can exclude) 1 tablespoon



How to make

1. Before you start to make the sawdust pudding/cake. You need to put the biscuit in the blender first and make it as like powder as you cake. Because if you don’t did well in this step, you cake will eventually to hard for eating! If you are making in a cake, put some healthy oil at the bottom, because if you don’t do this step, you will difficult to take away of your cake eventually.


2. Whip the whipping cream until it begin soft and smooth (This step I recommend you do in no less than 20 minutes / not less than 10 minutes with electronic equipment). Then add condensed milk inside then mix well (In no less than 5 minutes). If you prefer sweeter, you can add some sugar as well. But in this cake, I would highly suggest you use sugar that contains vanilla taste because it is just more match with our cake in here.


3. Put biscuits in the container. Then put the creams on the second level. The principal in here is (1 biscuit, 1 cream, 1b, 1c, 1b, 1c…..etc), until you fully use your all material. In doing this step, it is better to do with spoons because it helps you to equally distribute your creams and biscuits. Now it’s almost finish, the last part for Serradura is just put some cocoa powder and decoration on the top. Then, finished!



Is that really easy to make? Do you like it? I would like to know your through.. If you have any recommendation and ideas to share. Please leave your through here because I want to learn from you guys as well! Thank you 🙂

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