Sawdust Pudding (Macau Pudding)

How to make a  Sawdust Pudding (Macau Pudding)




Material ︰
Marie biscuit 200 grams
Cocoa 2 soup spoon
Cream 500 milliliters
Condensed milk 100 grams
Vanilla 1/4 teaspoons
Vanilla candy 1 soup spoon


How to make

1. First destroys the Mary biscuit with the blender, 100 grams biscuit mix evenly with the cocoa. Put a half to spare.

2. Mix the cream to soft, mixes the condensed milk, vanilla seed and sugar, after mixing evenly, puts in the squirting bag.

3.Put the Marie biscuit first. Then put the cream after. Then put the biscuit after. After finish all the step, put it in the fridge. When freeze at the end, enjoy!


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