Passion Fruit Chiffon Cake Recipe

How to make a Passion Fruit Chiffon Cake



Entire egg (especially big) 3
Hard sugar 70 grams
Salad oil 40 grams
Low muscle bread flour 70 grams
Baking powder one-fourth teaspoons
Passion fruit   jam 50 grams
Passion fruit  sesame oil (depends) 1/2 teaspoons


How to make

1. Preheating oven in 170 C.

2. The low muscle bread flour + baking powder sieves three times.

3. The egg-yolk +one-third hard sugar hit to faint yellow.

4. The salad oil + the warm jam enters the microwave oven for 20 seconds (or place in oven), pours into (3) egg-yolk, put passion fruit sesame oil inside and stir well.

5. Use another container, protein mixed with sugar and stir until smoothie.

6. Pour into protein frost the egg-yolk, mix together.

7. Sieves the low muscle bread flour to enter in (6) at different times,mix well together.

8. Pour into the cake mold, then put it in oven approximately 27 minutes. The cake mold should better not with the blow or sweeps the oil, making the cake rise.

9. Put the cake outside the mold, after cool down then enjoy the cake with your lovely buddy!

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