Others’ eyes, is our own mirror

Do not follow others’ life, but wants according to your heart

Thus, you can have your every day, but is not others,

In this world, besides oneself,

Nobody can eagerly anticipate your life direction,

If, you live under others’ shadow, you are impossible to have your life.



In the life is frustrating, oneself cannot gain ground

Li Chengjia (Who is a top 100 richest people in the world) initially enters the society,

He is just a clerk,

“This was every day makes you live profession in setback” he say.

When Li Chengjia is afraid others visit him that vision,

He told father this mood,

The father is only replies him lightly: “Others’ eyes are own mirror!”


His parents operated a small appliance shop long ago

Night and day work, “has to gain does not fear difficultly, makes money not to fear that the foot hurts”,

The father often places mouth this saying, is Li Chengjia to the initial impression of businessman,

In order to live, the guest picks, on oneself face must pile the smiling face.

Li Chengjia does not understand at that time parents ” making money philosophy ” behind also has a deeper significance,

Until he hears ” others’ eyes is his mirror ” these words.
His father said that others’ vision has two types,

One type is to look down upon your, at this time must review, finding the way to improve;

Another type is to praise, what when you receive is this vision, do not let success go to the head.


Li Chengjia has henceforth learned facing others’ eyes

Disdains, impatient, praise,

He from others’ eyes, found the successful road.

Because, others’ eyes,

Is an own mirror.

This world like a mirror,

It reflects his countenance to everyone.
Everyone may have thei own secret and method of step to success,

Others’ method may not youe success methods, therefore, what we just can do s never give up. Explore and improve, and waiting success come behind us.

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