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How to use a rice to see a person personality

How to be polite at dinner, gathering and eating.


Firstly, I want to share a story about polite first

1st story: David want to find a job in some big company. Therefore he just simply go to interview. In that moment, he believes that all the things are approximately prefect. Nonetheless, he cannot receive any reply of all company. David really feel angry about of it and therefore he ask those interviewer: ” Why I cannot get the opportunities to work here? Why I lose?” he asked. Eventually, he received one reply. This answers is ” Yup, You are actually a intelligent and talent person. But at the end of the interview, I cannot see you say goodbye for me. Our company need worker always polite to our customers and clients.

Can you see the meanings?


You do need to know the importance of polite

Three tears ago, there have a couple. A girl and a boy decided to get married. They invite girl’s parents to join with them and share their opinion. After the meal, girl’s parents tell their daughter “Darling, I know love if yours. We cannot intervene. But we really don’t recommend you marry to him”. Guess why?

1. When the food come later, the boy punish the assistants.

2. When the boys phone ringing, he just simply reply and talking to others.

3. The boy never consider girl’s parents taste, he just order the food that he like it.

All my clever readers, I guess you must know what what i am talking about


Consider others

When you have a opportunity to invite a group of people. In a gathering, U do need to consider all people taste. For example, if you are waiter. I believe that all people know that ” thank you” is necessary and well-known, right? But i am not going to focus about of that in here. Imagine you and your parents eat in a very famous restaurant. Waiters are all very busy. Will you simply just complains the speed of waiter serve the food?

If you do, I hope that today you can have a change.

Try! Try to use this method to communicate with waiter ” Darling, you see you are that beautiful, also very hard-working, I believe that you are trying serve with us ASAP, right?”.

I know you must get the point!


Eating and gathering tip

1. Arrive on time,  Arriving late will delay the meal and cause some foods to dry up or lose their flavor.

2. Present yourself cleanly and dress well. Your clothes should make you feel comfortable, but elegant. Make sure you know the atmosphere and theme; arriving in shorts when the other guests are wearing tuxedos and evening dresses does not make a good impression.

3. Try to prepare some gift in appropriate gathering.

4. Eat only what you can handle. Never eat too much, never to less as well. Otherwise other people may feel you are not care about that gathering.

5. Wait for some signal that the meal is beginning, such as the hostess lifting her fork (this is the most common signal that guests may begin). Perhaps your host wants to say grace before eating or something similar. Definitely wait until everyone is seated and served before beginning to eat.

6. Call people polite, if appropriate. For example, do not announce others pass somethings to you. Also, be happy and keep smile are also very essential.

7. Keep communicate, but keep peaceful and nice all the time.

8. Spread your emotion and feelings. In western countries, people will hug with other no matter girls or boys. But be careful, if yours girls friends are Indonesian. Remember, please do not hug! In china, some Chinese also feel unhappy if you hug him or her, they prefer shake people’s hands to present their respect.


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