Melon pan recipe

How to make a Melonpanmelonpan


Bread Material
High-gluten flour 250 grams
Yeast 3.5 grams 
White sugar 50 grams
Salt 2.5 grams
Powdered milk 7.5 grams
Butter (No salt) 25 grams (It really need s to be no salt, because melon pan is a totally sweet bread. If a bread contain a salt feeling, it will affect the quality.)
Egg 25 grams
Warm water 130 grams


Pastry   material
Low powder 220 grams
White sugar 120 grams
Butter 66 grams
Egg 62 grams

How to make a melon pan

1. High-gluten flour , yeast, hard sugar, salt and powdered milk, mix evenly.
2. Adds the egg, stirs with the hand slightly, slowly pours into one-third water, starts to rub, after absorbing , continuing to add water, rubs the pasta and add water until you think is not toot dry or wet. Because it is not already fully use 130 grams water frequently, it is really depends on weather and temperature as well.
3. Rubs the pasta smoothly, can divide 2-3 times butter add it and rub, pasta must be smooth.
4. Then, takes away to ferment for 1 hour 30 minutes, a way of fermentation is putting in the oven. First, puts in the pasta plate, with maintaining freshness paper-insulated good, then the pasta coupling and cup hot water will put together, making it ferment slowly.
5. During the fermentation, makes the epidermis. After fermenting, divides each 40 grams, perfectly round, with the maintaining freshness paper cap, is relaxing for 25 minutes, this called bench time.
6. After step 5, then is the topping steps. Wraps securely the pasta, then rolls on the granulated sugar, the surface seals the full hard sugar, the pattern on the epidermis, places to roast on the plate, with maintaining freshness paper-insulated good, takes away to ferment for 30-40 minutes, is called second fermentation, this time can ferment with the oven, the procedure is also similar, holds an oven meeting and make it warm.
7. When finished second times fermented, then can roast for 10-15 minutes in oven. The first 5 minutes use 180 C, the final 10 minutes use 190 C, it really depends on which brand do you use.

Peel making

1. Mix the butter with the fine white sugar evenly, adds the egg, stirring, then adds the bread flour, making the shape like a ball by hand, with maintaining freshness plastic-wrap, put them in the fridge, after fermented, divide each 38 grams, then put them on the top of the bread.


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