Longan Tea Recipe and Effectiveness

When talking longan, there are many people in Chinese has already use longan to include in Chinese medicine. There is a statement come from China. I just try to translate in English, it may not be that accurate, but you get the ideas, I think! The statement is like that “Whenever fatigue, OT at night, just cook and boil a longan water or tea immediately, the brain will recover sober! Just like the blue sky immediately come back for humans”.

How to make Longan tea

Therefore, writer here “Tiffany husband: Matthew”. Ar.. I am Matthew. Don’t be confused! Trying to write an article in here for how people in China effectively to use longan to help themselves when they have headache. Tradition China notice” Longan effectiveness is like a magic, and is a brain panacea”.


Longan rather than panadol


Therefore, next time when you may some headache or stretching, you can try the recipe in here to help you dissolve the problems! You may not fully believe me, but hope you try once and it really effective! I know Panadol is the god, but do you know when you take panadol, it actually have a lot of side effect that you may not know! Here’s a statement mention come from MedicineNet:

Taking too much acetaminophen (Panadol)may cause serious (possibly fatal) liver disease. Adults should not take more than 4000 milligrams (4 grams) of acetaminophen a day.

So, stop keep taking panadol when just have headache or you may just feel a little tired! Just try the recipe in here and it may help you forever! It is really easy and simple!


Dried longan Fifteen  units
Lemon 1  slice
Hot water 250 ml
A  cup of  warm water



How to make Longan Tea

1. Just put longan in a cup. Put the hot water inside and add the lemons on the top. Leave it in approximately 5 minutes. Then enjoy!


Additional Tips

Actually it can make it in cold drinks! What you need to do it put some sugar inside when the tea is still hot! Then put them in the fridge and prepare for hot summer!


My through..

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