Japanese Sweet Bun



Material A (8 servings)
Brown Sugar 65 g
Hot water 35 ml
Material B
Soda 1/4 teaspoon
Cold water 1/4 teaspoon
Material C
Milk 2 teaspoons
Vinegar 2 teaspoons
Material D
Low-gluten flour  100 g
Material E
Red bean paste  100 g


How to make

1. Brown sugar sifted initial, then add quandary mixed with molten let cool, then additional before hand area unit on an individual basis mixed material B, C, all combine well and put aside.

2. After the low-gluten flour sieve in a very clean bowl, slowly adding a cloth manner, with the rubber spatula combine equally into the cluster, inserting awake for concerning half-hour.

3. Then the hard dough into eight equal parts, fillings area unit equally divided into eight equal parts, take a dough, dip hands when flour the dough to flatten the package into the stuffing, shut at the complete package merge into a spherical, then placed in a very ready on newspaper, all into the steamer is complete, shut the lid and let indicate concerning ten minutes to come to life.

4. Serve with eight minutes over high heat. skinny wire created obtainable imprint the pattern on every bread baked.

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