Ingredients for cheesecake

make cheesecake in fast way-

Easy cheesecake recipe

Make a cheesecake in quick way

In order to create associate cheesecake, various of individuals might imagine that it’s quiet refined for home-brewed. However, here could be a straightforward and fast formula to create a cheesecake during a quick way! Here’s an ingredients for cheesecake and making methods!



Crust (16~20cm round)
Crust (It can be biscuits, digestive biscuits, Oreo biscuit and so on)

Cream Cheese-300 g ( Make it more soft and put it in room temperature)
Sugar -90 g
Eggs-170 g
Flour-16 g
Chestnut flour-12 g
Whipping cream (35% fat) 400 g (without playing)


1. Put chestnut flour in first alternative.

2. Secondly, release of soft cream cheese with sugar and mix well, then add eggs (four different times) until it approximately smooth, add the sifted flour and chestnut flour, than finally add cream and mix well.
3. Pour the topping on the cake at the end, sitting on the plate of baked Pat injection.

4. Preheat oven to 170 degrees and bake nearly 50-60 minutes. Wait for cakes baked to yellow color. After finished baking, then just snow it in refrigerators until cold. Enjoy!

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