How to select best fruit in supermarket

6 Ways to select best different fruit in supermarket.


How to select best fruit

How to select best fruit

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You may usually bought some really bad fruit after you reckon that’s good in supermarket. Really confused, right? Here’s I will provide 6 intelligent ways to choose 6 famous fruit in supermarket! They are: apples,melons,peaches,avocados,watermelons and mangoes.


Let watch video made by famous company- Buzz-feed first. Then I will extend more below the video.

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Believe that more than 80%of people can select a good apple successfully without reading this article. Anyway, some additional knowledge you may need to know as well. Firstly, look at the shape of apple.  A more round apple, typical of the green variety, can be a little most flavorful than the elongated types. A round apple always tend to be younger. That means eat immediately without cooking is the best! However, if you want to use apple to make some meal, this kinds of apples become firm and bitter.

Additionally, somethings you may feel some area is softer and discoloration. It is because of apple is ripe! They become oxidation and soft or mushy.




This time, I believe that approximately 80% of you use a wrong way to select a peach. We need to pay attention on their color. Isn’t red blush is better? Totally wrong, it is meaningless.  You need to pay attention on their background color, particularly around the stem. Some peaches are creamy yellow, they are the best at most of time. Those peaches are sweetest and most delicious.

Besides, if you see some green, it means they are not yet ripe. What you need to do is: Put them at home approximately 1-3 day until they become at  majority (Which means they are not green). They will become best-flavored.
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how to select an avocados



In order to explain how to choose the best avocados. This video is extremely helpful.



how to select a best mango

how to select a best mango


In order to choose the best mango. You need to know this attributes.

  • Do not focus on their color. It is not an indicator!
  • Good mangoes smell very good. They have fruity aroma at their stem ends.
  • If mangoes are ripen, they are soft therefore you need to eat them between 1-3 days.

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how to select best Watermelons



Watermelons contain nearly 80%-96%of water. The first video has already illustrate the basic methods to choose a watermelon. In here, I would like to extend more basic on this formula.


Look+ Spin+ Lift = Best watermelon/melon forever!


  • Look: They should be firm and symmetrical! In some cases, watermelon contains minor scratches? Well, they are OK! However, what you need to know is.. Ripe watermelons should also be dark green. Otherwise, choose another and don’t waste money.
  • Spin: Spin your watermelon and check out watermelon’s bottom. It should contain a creamy yellow spot. Pay attention here, If this spot is white or greenish, more than 80% of them may not be ripe. Those watermelon have a high possibility is not at majority.
  • Lift: Again, due to watermelon contains a lot of water. Good watermelons should be relatively heavy accordingly their sizes. If they are not heavy, believe me, forgive them!


In reality, it still have many ways to select the best fruits. I would say: It depends of variety. If anyone has any other tips or can clarify the sound test (please!), feel free to leave a comment! I love your comment very much! Last but not least, if you really do learn somethings or like this articles. Please share and like to society whatever ways you want.

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