How to paint Easter eggs – Easter eggs decoration

Easter is coming! How would you gonna to celebrate this festival? How would you gonna to decor your home and make something interesting? In this DIY article, I would show you how to paint and decor eggs to celebrate this wonderful festival. Hope you can share the happiness with your family, lover and friends 🙂

I would distinguish three different making methods.

  • Copy
  • drawing
  • sticking




This kinds of eggs decoration aims to make different color of eggs. Like a rainbow. But actually all appearance are same. Let’s see how to paint rainbow color on the eggs.



The material you need:

  • Eggs
  • Pigment
  • Rubber Band
  • Cups


How to make

Firstly, mix pigment and vinegar together. Put them in your cups.



Secondly, put the rubber band on the eggs, like the step below.




Thirdly, put the eggs in those cup that contain different color already. Wait them approximately 15 min until they fully dried. Take away the rubber bands, you should see somethings like this.



Fourth, you can actually mix with other types of color. Like step 2 and 3, put the rubber band on the eggs, but the places sightly different them before. Then put them in different color, like this.



Finally, you should gt somethings like this, are they colorful? 🙂




To be honest, I don’t wanna to say too much in drawing cuz everyone knows! But what I wanna to remind you is “Use white eggs”!




In sticking, which means you need to put some sticker on the top of the eggs, then put them in cups that contain colors. Like this!



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