How to cut a pineapple with a knife

How to cut a pineapple with a knife?

A good ripe of pineapple can be cut with a knife in different ways.

In reality, there has a lot of different ways to cut a pineapple. For me, I am not good at how to cut the pineapple in best way.


My cutting method is quite stupid. I just simply just the pineapple head and take away the body of peer pineapple. I believe the it was really foolish. But in this video, pineapple lover really need to learn about how to cut the best pineapple with a knife.

In this way, it not only can cut the pineapple in beautiful and clever. Additionally, after you cannot finish the whole pineapple. You can also put in the fridge and in this way, you can keep it fresh than normal but pineapple ways.

Do you think it is really useful for you? If you do, please share this cutting pineapple methods to your friends. Let more and more people know the interesting things in the world !

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