How to cook Flathead Fish: 4 different style that you can try

Between June to August, I am myself love fishing very much! There are just so many Flathead that I can caught in winter. We all know that the tradition serving method is just cut the Flathead fillet then fry or put the into over. In this article, I would like to give you another really creative ideas that you can definitely try for cooking Flathead! Some of them may mix with salad and I also put tradition Chinese making method in this article. Hope you enjoy of it!


1. Chinese Flathead method


Flathead 1 units
Oil Suitable  amount
Salt Suitable  amount
Vinegar Suitable  amount
Sugar Suitable  amount
Cooking wine Suitable  amount
Oyster sauce Suitable  amount
Soy sauce Suitable  amount
Bean paste Suitable  amount
Spinach Suitable  amount


1. Firstly, wash the fish to the scales.

2. Use the knife to cut the back of Flathead fish.

3. Add suitable onion, thrown into the appropriate amount of salted.

4. Put the aluminum foil on the container. Then put the fish inside in the container. It is use for put it in the oven.

5. Put some soy sauce on the Flathead and put it into the refrigerator. Wait approximately 1 hour, then put a little oil on the top. Oven turn to 200 degree and cook for another 15 minutes.

6.Put another sauce and material into the pan, use small level of fire to cook approximately 5 minutes.

7. Put all the things in the container. Wait for another 10 minutes. Then finished!



 2. Flathead salad

This salad is great with Flathead fillets! It serve with health veggie and some potato sauce. Mum and ladies must try it! Link




3. Smoked Chicken Wings with Flathead


Smoked Chicken Wings with Flathead



4. Fried Flathead method

If you are fried fish lover. You can try this by following their tutorial instruction. Fishes are also changeable for Catfish and Blues. Link



Do you like one of that? If you have another cooking method and thinking. Leave a comment below and I am waiting for another new ideas!



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