How to become rich from nothing

Everyone also thinks how can I become rich and getting rich from nothing.

But I have nothing! How can I change?!




Please keep it in mind

20s, if you have no money and nothing, it is normal.

30s, it still could due to family background, you really need to pay more and more effort to change your life.

40s, if you have nothing, no excuse, the main problems is yours.


If you want change your life right now, to become rich and successful. Please remember this article.


1. Give a clear target now! One year, two years or even five years and ten years. Maybe your background is not good as others. But when you pay unlimited efforts. According to physiologist, 70% of people can change their life. That’s why you may hear that before ” Greek is good”.


2. Your friends pay money in a gathering, DO NOT think it make sense. You need to find an opportunity to pay them back. Don’t save this money! Otherwise, your reputation will get bad.


3. Although you have numerous of friends, the only friends can walk and communicate with you may just only one or two. Believe me. Therefore now you need to find these friends and never tell lies with them.


4. If you don’t like a person, don’t say something bad to your normal friends. Keep this in mind, your normal friends gave also been is their normal friends. You can just simply don’t communicate with those people.


5. All the people also lazy. But we all also can change! If you think one thing is really having potential to change your life, pay effort now! Do not give this opportunity to other people find and help you to finish. In that time, those guys are happy, due to he has already earned a bunch of money.


6. At night, if you really have a lot of time. Ask yourself what to need to do. How to plan your future? Do no do  and think some rubbish right now!


7. Chinese people believe that a successful people always respects their parents since they are children. Parents always think about you and you seldom think about parents. This is the reason why you really need to deeply consider your parent’s recommendation.


8. Do not afraid lost. If you never try, you may lose a successful opportunities.


9. Have a healthy lifestyle. A good life can help you keep concentration. Keep your brain always 100% on.


10. When you lost, do not easily give up. Find out the problems and give a method to improve. Methods always exist.


11. Always take care of your wife. Bill Gates has mentioned that before: ” A wife determine a whole family”.


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