How do you attack in clan wars

How to get 3 star in TH10 using Lava Hound and Balloons in Clan wars

Before updated, many people may feel quite disappointed it is too difficult to get 3 star in TH10 for using Balloons. But after updating, lava hound is arise and he defense is really amazing!

Here’s I provide some amazing video clips for perfectly using Lava Hound and Balloons. In using this couples, what you need to take it into account is the Queen’s and the Wizard tower. Let’s see how to use them perfectly and reduce the maximum hurt of the balloons in order to get 3 stars.


Here’s a video clip of using balloons and Lava Hound. It is using 77 seconds to get 3 stars! Unbelievable right? Let see how:


Here’s another 3 star clips:





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