Help 5 poorest countries in FB


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Help poorest countries in the world

Help poorest countries in the world


Do you know how many poor countries people need your help? I believe that people in here must be luckier than them due to you have already have your own mobile devices, laptop or desktop and so on. You may not have too much money to help them. You may not have too much money to donate to them.  This I fully understanding of it, but here without donation, you at least can help them in FB.

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1. Democratic Republic of the Congo has become the poorest country in the world as of 2010. Democratic Republic of the Congo was known as Zaire until 1997. By 2008 the Second Congo War and its aftermath had killed 5.4 million people. Now do you what they need and require? Water! They seldom and i can said: never has enough water in their life.



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2. Liberia is one of the few countries in Africa that have not been colonized by Europe. Instead, Liberia was founded and colonized by freed slaves from America. They may not at worse as Congo, however, 85% of population just can earn $1 USD per day.



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3. Zimbabwe. In 2009, the lift expectancy of Zimbabwe is the lowest in the world. The most serious problems of them is early deaths! Could you image their death rate? 5%? 10%?

Nope! It is 20.1% of the population death with HIV and AIDs. They need medicial improvement every every time.



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4. Burundi. In this countries, they never have peaceful due to civil wars always arise. Same as Zimbabwe, HIV and AIDS problems are extremely influences their life. They lack of economic freedom, lack of education and so on and so on. What they now need is the most simplest, medical improvement and opportunities.

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