Hawkesbury river fishing- spots and reports

Where can I fish in Hawkerbury River

If you are still reading in this pages. Firstly, I believe that you must a fish lover! You are reading this because you have been going to Hawkerbury River before therefore you know how wonderful of this place! If you still don’t know, just let me to show you when is these place are.



Hawkerbury-river-1 Hawkerbury-river-2



You see. How beautiful and wonderful is that! And therefore, I just think… Is it possible to get a nice fish in here? After this thinking arise in my head. I just trying to make this thinking comes true! Next day, I travel there with my friends. Then what I saw is there almost have more than 30 groups of people are fishing (The reason is because of holiday). Then I ask them what can they catch in Hawkerbury River. And they reply there have some ” Yellow-fin bream, snapper, ladder jacket, black fish and ever more and more!!”. I know most of you may not believe that is true. So, I will prove that in next part.


Types of fish in Hawkerbury River- land base

I know most of you may like boat fishing. But personal I like land base more than boat because of several reason. And now I am going to share of my catching fish in previous month.






Actually not just that little. Just because I lost most of my picture in my broken phone. But I think you get the point. Actually I saw many people can catch more variety of fish. Some people also catch up to 2 kg big fish in there! But personally, I can just get like 0.5kg in each fish, on average.


Great fishing spots in Hawkerbury River

Now, do you want to know where can I catch this types of fish? Actually this places is very convenience to go. Because I travel there by train, so the place is actually just near the train station. When you arrived, just be aware NEVER FISH in left hand sides of train station because government have already said that there have a shark, so it is very dangerous to do that! My fishing spots is on the left hand side of the station, then you simply walk through the road. Then you should see there have a beautiful ocean in there already. Then, everywhere also can be your good fishing spots! 🙂


Some reminds of fishing in Hawkerbury River

Just aware some spots in Hawkerbury River is prohibit of fishing activities. You can see some warming next to you. Additionally, bring a longer fish rod because you need to throw to a long distance in order to catch a bigger fish. Otherwise, you will get a lot of small snapper in Hawkerbury River!! You know that is annoying. And you can also just bring some shrimp to there and I think you should enough to catch some fish already. Besides, I hope you can put back those small fish into the ocean and get back your own personal rubbish in rubbish bin because you need to protect the ocean ti our next generation.


At last, just because of I am not a local Australian. So hope you guy don’t care about of my bad English 🙁 And also, if you have any experiences can share. May I just invite to leave it here to help me improve my article quality. If you also have another good spots to share, leave it here and I will write another article to hope more and more people can enjoy this excellent activities and share this happiness to the world.



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