Google couldn’t verify that gmail belongs to you (Methods to Solve)

Hello, everyone. If you have opportunities that find this post. I wish all the best for you because I know that you may lose your Google Gmail already, and you probably try hundreds of times in a form that called “Google Recovery Form”, but I guess you have no luck on that! And Google, again and again, mentioned that following sentences to you as follows:

“Google couldn’t verify that email belongs to you”

If that happens to you. No worries, you are not still totally losing your gmail account! And in this post, I am try to teach you a very legitimate way for recover you losing gmail. The concept is really simple and easy, but all you knows is go through steps by steps, and hopefully could eventually get recover you Gmail account.

The steps of this article is as follows:

  1. How to correctly use your Google recovery form
  2. If the Google recovery form does not work at all

Important: Please ensure you attempt step 1 before moving on step 2.


1.Attempt the Google recovery form as many times as you can

Before you start on my second step, please ensure that you have tried the “Google Recovery Form” as many times as you can. My recommendation is at least 30 times. There are over a dozen potential questions (like creation date) that you may claim your ownership of your Gmail account. Most of the questions are based on pre-configured recovery options like an e-mail or phone. If these are not available (never configured, gone out-of-date, changed by a hacker) the number of questions available may be very limited making it hard to prove ownership of the account. In here, I believe that most of you should remember at least your most recent password, phone number and recovery email. If you got all these correct and provided the corresponding 6-digits code to the form, you should able to get back the Gmail. If you are not able to put remember all the security answers and may you just possibly not able to provided 6-digits code for your recovery mobile phone. No worries, as I mentioned before, you still have an opportunities to get recover you Gmail! But all you need to do is attempted the form as many times as you can. Making sure when you are trying the form, try to follow the following rules:


  • Make sure to complete the form from a device you have regularly used in the past.
  • Make sure to complete the form from previously used physical location/IP address.
  • Answer as many questions as possible, and make sure that your answers are correct.
  • If you’re unsure about some answer or specific dates, that’s okay, give your best guess.


Because Google doesn’t ask for much personal information when you sign up for an account, Google doesn’t have many ways to verify that you own an account. To confirm that you’re the real owner, Google needs specific details during the recovery process. Identification documents are not acceptable as a proof of ownership because it’s not considered as a secure method. And attempt more time could also prove that you really to get back you Gmail.


2. If you Google Recovery form really doesn’t work for you

If you have followed my rules as above and still cannot successfully recover you gmail. Then you need to moved to second steps: Consult the expect in Google Forum.

This step is actually to get in touch with google staffs! So that’s why I mentioned before, you need to try at lease 30 times before using this service. And possibly you could only attempt this way ONCE ONLY. Therefore, this is the final way to get back your google Gmail account, no never tried this before fully utilizes the “Account Recovery Form”. For doing so, you first need to click the “New Topic” button on the top right of the page.

After this, all you need to do is explained you problems as details as you can. Because if the expert considers you may have an opportunities to get back your Gmail, they will transfer the case to Google Representative (Community Specialist) and they will investigate whether you could have an opportunities to secure your account. Well, of course, no ones can guarantee that you could get back your Gmail. But yep, as I mentioned above, you tried as much time as you can before you find the google community. And this would max. your possibilities that you change to recover your Gmail account. After you post your difficulties to them, The expert will ask you many questions, and you need to answers them as accurate as you can. Although Google has a very strict rule and private on their customer, it is still not too hard to recover your Gmail account if you let say: remember 5/6 out of 10 of your answers, even you cannot assess your recovery phone. Here’s the question that Google expect may asked:

If you received kinds of these things, Please confirmed at lease 3 times before you send out your answers. You are only able to answers Yes/No, so never put useless things on it. Because if you do, google expect will call you fill it once again.

After that, Google expect will ask another questions and re-confirmed your answers like these:

Try to only put Yes/No for your answers. After you did this, you may not have next opportunities for getting your gmail back, unless you remember you password later on. After the expert received all your answers, they will pass the case to Google representative (Community Specialist), and will contact you privately via email through the account you are using to log into the forum. They may call you or chat with for collecting further information, so please always get back to your email and relied the Google representative ASAP.


The investigation will take approximately 3 business days. Sometimes after their investigation, sometimes they may even didn’t call you, and let you get back your gmail! And I personally guess it is related to try attempted many times on “Google recovery Form” and got most of the answers collect! So thats the reason why I mentioned at the beginning, attempt the “account recovery form” before you find the expert. For me, my case is Google release my account after investigation! So I am pretty happy with that, and built more confident of using Gmail and google as well!


Losing Gmail is not really at the end of the world! I know when you search whole different article and video, you may find different both “Legitimate” and “Not-Legitimate” way recover your gmail. Using your professional skepticism and judgement and never get in to those “Non-Legitimate” way! Because the result not is lost, but also may add potential risks on your computer and security. Ar… and last point.. don’t forget say “Thank you” to them if you eventually recover your Gmail account!!


I hope the method above really can help all of you! If that post is helpful for you, Please leave a comments and your action will help this post to rank higher in Google search engine! So that many people will benefit of it!

I hope you guys all have a great experience of using Gmail!

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