Frozen coffee drink recipe

Make a prefect frozen coffee





I am just try to share a easy and simple Iced Coffee with you. Believe that in here, all of you drink coffee at least one per week. So , coffee is our energy or even arms and legs, right? In this recipe, it’s so prefect the way this is just waiting for you in the fright. Also it is a best couple with breakfast. You can put finished coffee in a large container in the refrigerator for a week. Whatever time you want to try, then.. Just enjoy of it!


Iced Cafe Au Lait




1/4 cup cold freshly brewed coffee

2 cups Milk

2 cups Crushed Ice

Sugar (Depends on your favor)



1. Prepare the cold freshly brewed coffee. Put milk inside first and mix well. Then put ices and sugar simultaneously and blend them together until frothy. Pour over ice.


2. If you wanna to make some decoration. Top with whipped cream and grated chocolate on the top.

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