Female major regrets in their life

Not making an attempt onerous enough in class crack the list however you may actually be stunned by a number of the others.


Top regrets for women:

1 Not trying hard enough at school – 34%
2 Not losing weight on a diet – 34%
3 Choosing the wrong career path -32%
4 Not getting on the property ladder – 22%
5 Spending a night with someone I shouldn’t – 21%

Women have major regrets in their lives and not trying onerous enough in class crack the list.

The next 2 “if only” were breaking a diet and being within the wrong job.

Failing to induce a foot on the property ladder and having one} night stand came fourth and fifth in an exceedingly poll of 1,000 ladies by Diet Coke.

Given a second likelihood, six out of ten ladies admitted that they’d take a distinct path however 3 quarters felt their mistakes were character building.

While one in 10 regretted not being a higher mother to their kids, an identical range wanted that they had started a family.


Not having the dream wedding and being an excessive amount of a careerist all featured within the prime twenty.

The poll of one,000 ladies by Diet Coke for its Regret Nothing campaign found virtually 2 in ten ladies needed they were a lot of impulsive, one in ten cringed at testing somebody they must not have when an evening out associated just below one in 10 regretted having an affair.

A Diet Coke proponent said: “The analysis findings recommend ladies are harboring their regrets and not living life within the currently.

“Through our new campaign, we wish to inspire ladies to act on their impulses to make positive experiences, adventures and opportunities for achievement.”


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