Easy Mini Cheese Sausage Roll Recipe

How to make a Mini Cheese sausage roll



Material (16 small bread)
High gluten flour 310 grams
yeast 2 teaspoons
Sugar 50 grams
Salt two-thirds teaspoons
Egg 1
Butter 35 grams
Water 150 grams
Mini cheese sausages 1 package



How to make

1. All materials mix evenly and rub to have the thin film slippery (butter may later add).

2. The first fermentation to pasta 2-3 times big (approximately 45-60 minutes).

3. Exhausts and divides 16 small holes.

4. Make it in circle shape and wait approximately 5-10 minutes.

5. Rubs each small ball to blot gently each small pasta, then add the sausage inside.

6. Second time ferments for approximately 45 minutes.

7. Sweeps the egg fluid, preheating  in 190 degree  and wait in 15 minutes.

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