Easy dessert recipes with pudding

Recipe made by Matthew



Strawberry 250 grams
Jerry powder 1 soup-spoon
Agar 10 grams
Sugar 100 grams
Lemon juice 2 soup-spoon
Milk 100 ml
Cream 200 ml


How to make

1. Make the Agar soft first, then cut in small piece first. Wash the strawberry and cut it in two piece evenly. Put it another bowl and spare.

2. Put the Jerry powder into a bowl and put 1/4 bowl of water, mix well. Prepare 500 ml of hot water. Put the agar in the hot water and wait them totally dissolve in the water. Put the sugar inside and add the Jerry powder, mix well.

3. Another water add with milk, cream. Stir them together, then put them all in a container.

4. Add some topping and decor with cake, then Finish!

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