Easy banana buzz- Boost juice recipes

banana smoothie

banana smoothie

Easy banana smoothie/ banana buzz- Boost juice

Recipes by Tiffany


This is a easy and fast way to make a cold banana smoothie/ banana buzz.Personally, i believes that the taste is actually similar with a famous drink shop- Boost.Therefore, if you really prefer the taste like Boost.This recipe you must like it. In order to make a Boost banana buzz here.You need to know somethings before. Actually i didn’t banana buzz/smoothie is so health. Therefore, i strongly recommend people who want keep fit. Let’s try this fruit drinks every day!

Here’s the method: how to make banana buzz/banana smoothie in simple, easy, fast and quick methods. I believe that you must like it after you see 🙂


Nutrition information:

Energy Kilojoules : 320
Energy Calories: 80
Protein (g) : 2.9
Fat Total (g): 0.9
Fat Saturated (g): 0.9
Carbohydrates Sugars (g): 12.1
Fiber(g): 0.7
Sodium (mg): 29



1 small banana

2 normal tsp of vanilla yogurt

1 small tsp of honey/ can be replace to white or brown sugar

100g of skim milk

5-7 unit of ice



1: Put all the material in the blender, recommended put the ice at last.

2: If you interested in decoration, see another article know more about decoration in banana smoothie 🙂


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5 Responses

  1. Love bananas and this smoothies looks so creamy!

  2. Tina says:

    Good recipe with fully explanation! Like this delicious recipe very much !

  3. Venetia Christou says:


  4. Venetia Christou says:

    Whoops, i mean how many ml?

    • Tiffanynews says:

      Do you mean how much worth how many grams 🙂
      Well, it depends non ur own countries! Like vanilla yogurt and honey actually can use it for a long time. It cost $8 in AU for both. I guess it will have similar situation in US as well. And obviously, you need to add back the banana and milk cost 🙂

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