Durian Mousse Cake Recipe

How to make a Durian Mousse Cake



Material (15 cm round cake components)
Durian  200 grams
Fresh milk 50 grams
Egg-yolk 2
Sugar 40 grams
Fish film/powder 3
Lemon juice 10 grams
Lite cream 200 grams


How to make

1. The fish film soaks softly with cooled boiled water.

2. Add durian meat and milk in the blender, mix well.

3. The egg-yolk sweetens heat insulation water to hit to envying the cream shape, joins to fim powder of film stirring dry moisture again to the dissolve.

4. Mix step 2 and step 3 well. Put lemon juice inside and stir it well.

5. After envying the cream, divides 2 parts and mix them simultaneously.

6. Decor the cake carefully. You may decor with some whipped cream, fruit, chocolate and so on. Then put the cake into the fridge at least 3 hours.

7. Enjoy!

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