Dolphins Facts

The more I discover the world, the more I appreciate how wonderful these animals are.


Get start the sad part as a sharp beginning


SeaWorld maintain lots of dolphins in captivity. So far it uses them to earn money, foe instance, entertaining or ‘ educate’ guests.


Saying the truth, I’m quite confusing about the whole bunch of us have been to SeaWorld, we’re the part of the reason of why such Sea world business have occurred. Seems is a cool things to enjoy the show of watching dolphins jumps ups and downs …. exciting music… dramatic trainers…. However, if you consider the feeling of dolphins, there are no a second admit a funny show.


And to be more specific, it’s not a joyful life.

The business running for profit, so once SeaWorld receives it’s fair share of criticism on the conditions where dolphins and the other marine animals live. Yet, even if their condition become worse, asking a good question to yourself, is it still let go dolphins living in here ?  Of course, the answer is NO- with simply reason ( they’re special and unique creatures)

Thinking of  the similarity with human … you would probably won’t allow this situation happen in anywhere

Some scientists has prove and shows that dolphins were definitely  intelligent using … bubbles.

Among those studies reveals with experiment was so normal that scientists created a bubble machine , then put it underwater to see how the dolphins would react to it. They were frightened of the bubbles in the beginning…

Haha… few minutes later.. it get used to it very quickly lol  BRAVO ~~

I’m melted by its lovely smile ! The way it looks is very funny  🙂


Eventually,  they turn into so high with their new toy

They flipped bubbles with their tails and swam through the circles. Their voices changes depends of the shape of the bubbles !  AwA


When they have played the bubbles for a plenty of hours, I think they get bored about the same pattern, Surprisingly, they create a new way to play and even taught others now to interact with machine ! Intelligent babies <3

They are acted like humans that way.

The scientists discover that they don’t play for functional reasons (like hunting for food). They do it for fun and as a learning process. They played with bubbles the same way kids play with Legos. Funny discovary !!

It turns out, their emotional capacity not that away of ours quite similar

Even they’re not the same as us, but in planty of ways we could see that they’re similar to our habit [ levels of intelligence  as well ] LOL

That’s why it’s heartbreaking to see them captured and placed in cages for our amusement. 🙁

Honestly, you and I won’t wanna live in a cage, right? Wouldn’t you agree with my point of view ? If yes, feel free to share this concept to the others, let them know about more about Dolphins reality …


Let’s watch this video below to find out how cool is the dolphins coz they’re really amazing ! 


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