DIY crystal chandelier

Crystal represent elegant and fashion. In some western countries, it also means wish will come true. But we all know that, crystal chandelier is not that cheap and everyone available. Even we have enough money, the style of that chandelier may be is not our taste. Also, it is just waste money if we can also make a modern and fantastic chandelier. So, here’s some DIY chandelier ideas that is pretend crystal material, it is much more cheaper than outside but definitely not worse than other lamps.


This lamp is made by tubes. The metal actually can buy it everywhere and you just need to put the tubes inside to pretend crystal effect. This DIY chandelier is just very cheap is definitely very safe! You don’t need to worry about burn your house or suffer injury. Lol 🙂

DIY crystal chandelier color version


This lamps looks simple and modern. Different color can make house much more colorful!



This chandelier is nature style!



This tube lamps can change any time as much as you can. So that why I recommend my readers can try once if you like this DIY chandelier idea. It is really not expensive and definitely easy!


That’s also another DIY ideas that you can try it. In my opinion, this lamp is much more easy because it just made by plastic. But the changes possibility may not that much.

DIY-crystal-chandelier-4 DIY-crystal-chandelier-5


What do you think? Leave your comments here if you have any better DIY chandelier  ideas 🙂

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