DIY bow holder : 10 creative and unique ideas

Hello to our Funny news reader! If you are a girl, you definitely may suffer this problems- Too many small things!! Today, I am going to share 10 easy and unique DIY bow holder ideas for you. It is very easy and some of them include tutorial link are show below the photo. You can simply learn this by yourself and save some necessary costs and money, and also manage and re-clean bows  as well  🙂


1. Bow tree

DIY hair bow tree


2. Bow plant

DIY Bow Bouquet - perfect baby girl gift!



3. Bow board

DIY: Bow and Headband Boards | Project Nursery



4. Christmas bow tree

Christmas Hair Bow Pin Bouquet- how cute is this- variations depending on theme/season and types of clips on display/sold.  Fun!


5. Bow cage

birdcage bow holder?

6. Cute bow flower

cute way to display hair bows that are for sale


7. Gift basket

Bow gift basket


8. Kids bow flower

Very cute spring/summer gift idea for a little girl!


9. Yellow bow basket

Girls Hair Bow and Clip Bouquet Bowquet Gift Set -  Bumblebee. $27.99, via Etsy.


10. Bow bouquet

Girls Hair Bow and Clip Bouquet


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