Couples booked a special kind of resort , they can’t imagine what would happened when they get their fist step in this resort

When traveling in foreign countries, the daily settlement is a matter needed to be tackle with otherwise it would become a massive potential negative boom in the following days of your trip. As usual traveler will do after they have arrived the destination, they straight ahead to their booked resort to make sure the really get a place to live for the trip. Interestingly, the resort that they had booked is a ‘ ADULT Resort ‘ ! Such a surprise to kick off in the beginning of their trip !

Actually, the reson that why  they book this resort is all because the price is in their budget …… but they have no sense about this big surprise


Since it’s their first time to stay in adult resort, they have a deep exploration about the facilities in everywhere inside the resort, while taking photos to share with others about their experience.

Let’s see what we called ‘ ADULT ‘ resort , is there any big difference between the normal one ? WOW~~~~ So excited

Enter the lobby of the main area of resort, they notice there is a display window showing off several sexy lingerie, it make them feel strange while they approach the reception desk.


The feeling of  confused is increasing when they move upstairs to their room, and find that there are tow doors ….. Wondering the usage if those two door and how can they get in ?


Later they realized why they got two door of their room. The behind purpose may seems a  little bit ridiculous [haha….] Yet, one door is for waiter put the order to serve, so the waiter no longer have to press the doorbell, they are able to leave the meal  by opening the door and then inside is just like a shelf , see…. easy and  convenient. When all is said and done, customer generally not willing being disturb by anyone even receiving their meal , right?  LOL


Looking around the room, there is a slot machine as an entertainment, and somehow you play for a while,  you will discover that the prize is so useful —- CONDOM , well is pretty much valuable if  you want to have a safe sex ….. all depends…



Unfortunately, if you are thirsty,no one can help since there are only lubricants and underwear for you to purchase. That’s not make sense anyway …


More and more tools is given …..The TV programme category got only one type – AV


Last but not least, here comes to the bathroom, the feature is on the wall XD. Actually, nothings quite special in my thought or maybe is quite strange for some people but me is only the bathtub.






Yay~~ You will see that the bathub is far away form simple… it’s a disaster ….



Finally, that gonna sum up their feedback of their stay, in their plan they world rather have a neat and tidy room for trip, this ‘ADULT’ resort is not what they want….  To go so far as to the ongoing development on how they use this room, leave it for you to imagine the pictures .

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