Chinese steamed rice cake recipe

How to make Chinese steamed rice cake recipe



Material (seven inches plate puts in order to 12 components)
Sticks the rice noodle 200 grams (sieving)
White Sugar 170 grams
Water 410 grams
Yeast powder 1 teaspoon (opens uniform with water of soupspoon)
Baking powder 1/2 teaspoons


How to make

1. Sticks the rice noodle, water and sugar to mix.

2. Boils with small fire, when boils must keep stirring, in order to avoid the rendering block, then filters with the screen. After being cold, joins the yeast water and baking powder mixes evenly.

3. Sets for 8 hours, pours into to steam in plate (to sweep oil first), steams for 25 minutes to ripe with the fire, when cool cutting and slicing then.

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