Chinese water chestnut pudding recipe

How to make a Water Chestnut pudding

water chestnut pudding recipe



225 grams of water chestnut

½ cup of coconut milk

¾ cup of sugar

½ cup of evaporated milk

280 gram of chestnut flour

3.5 cups of tap water

1 tsp of peanut oil


How to make


  1. Wash the chestnut, then peeled and smash.
  2. Put ½ preparing water in another container, put chestnut flour inside and mix well.
  3. Put retain water in another bowl. Put sugar in the water and mix it well. Boil it and mix with coconut milk and evaporated milk simultaneously. After 5 minutes, mix with chestnut cream (In step 2) slowly and stir it as well.
  4. Prepare a big container; put some oil in the bottom.
  5. Put step 3 material in the container; steam it in approximately 40 minutes.
  6. That’s finished. Put it in fridge when you want to eat.
  7. Fry it when prepare for eating!

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