Chinese Sesame Roll recipe

How to make a Chinese Sesame Roll Recipe



Material (approximately five components)
Black-seeded sesame 30 grams
Sugar 120 grams
Chestnut flour 80 grams
Sticks the rice noodle 15 grams
Water 8 ounces
Sesame oil Little


How to make

1. Fries the fragrant black-seeded sesame, put the water and mix it well. Sieving takes the sesame seed water spare.

2. Mix Chestnut flour rice noodle and sugar first, adds the sesame seed water, stirs to the dissolution, then adds the sesame oil. (Chestnut flour is quite difficult to dissolve, so you may need to patient to do this step.)

3. Pour into the mixture the 9 cm x 20 cm molds, until just covers the mold bottom, the fire steams for 2-3 minutes. (Only steams to one each time).

4. After cool down, put on the cling wrap coils strip.

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