Chinese Fried Red Bean Dumpling

How to make Chinese Fried Red Bean Dumpling



Material (200 components)
Glutinous rice flour 1000 grams
Sugar pieces 350 grams
Kidney bean paste 600 grams


How to make

1. The glutinous rice flour takes one-third to open with the cold water, rubs the pasta, probably is the entire Tang Wan feel, remaining two-thirds spare.
2. Boils the sugar pieces in the pot with 2 bowls of water dissolves, rubbed the one-third glutinous rice flour of pasta to be divided slightly, puts in the pot and syrup boils thoroughly together.
3. Pours into the spare two-thirds glutinous rice flour to enter in pot, rubs evenly with the pasta of blending syrup.
4. Takes out the pasta to level off with the bread flour stick, covers the round shape vermicelli.
5. The package enters the right amount of kidney bean paste.
6.Burns the hot oil, the medium baking temperature explodes golden yellow then.


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