Chinese birthday peach bun/ longevity bun

Chinese birthday peach bun, also called longevity bun and Chinese birthday bun as well. It is used for celebrating birthday in Chinese countries.

But first, let you ask yourself first. Why a steamed bun or bread call birthday bun? The answers can be explain in some following factors: 1. people in Chinese believes that they can have longer life to live, so that’s why it also called longevity bun. 2. it is because in this recent years, the retained habits influences that people from Chinese will keep eating birthday bun simultaneously.

After you know what is Chinese birthday steamed bun. You may want to ask: how make Chinese birthday steamed bun?Here’s i will have a recipe to explain for you. Hope you will like it :)



Flour, 320 grams
Sugar, 120 grams
Baking powder 12 g
A little rose pigment

Inside material

Bean or lotus seed paste


Toothbrushes, toothpicks, steamer


1. Flour sifted, placed by board to open a hole, falling sugar and baking powder, pour the amount of water absorbed rub together until smooth.

2. Rub the flour in a long tail, cut and separate in some part. Each part nearly 12 grams, size can be randomly picked.Then crushed by hand and put the seed inside. After that, put into the steamer and steam around 6 minutes. Close the fire, use your hand to crushed each bun a little bit (this is used to make birthday peach bun shape). Finally, use the toothbrush to put some color on the Chinese birthday bun. Finished!



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