Can rabbits or bunnies swim

Yes, rabbits can swim!

When there have a lot people ask whether rabbit can swim or not. I can prove that my rabbit actually can swim!

Still remember maybe one year ago, I go travel and those hotel provide swimming, spa and warm warm as well. Well, I was just swimming by myself at the beginning, however, I am quite curious whether my little rabbit can swim or not. Because I help it bath before, therefore I really not too worry about he will in troubles. And the fact is, Yes! He can!


He approximately swim 5-10 minutes. Then I give him a watch eventually.

Therefore, therefore is the natural skill of animals.


However, most of the rabbits are generally timid. I believe that if you just buy a new rabbit or your own rabbit is refused to bathing before. Just don’t try this! Otherwise, I don’t know what is happening then! Most of the rabbit can bath but not actually! So, if you really wanna to try. Maybe try until they totally trust you, give them more exercise and see what’s happening wen you give them a clean. Always keep your eyes to see what’s happening of your rabbit. And I believe that your rabbit can also swim as well eventually!


And here’s a video to proof rabbit really can swim:



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