Can elephants swim – interesting facts about elephants

Yes! Elephants can swim.


Whenever there have a lot of people think elephants is so big, slow and stupid animals. Actually they can swim. Besides, they can swim pretty well!

When you are thinking about some animals can swim or not. Actually they all they swim. This is the ability for all the animals, included humans as well. Elephants move 4 legs to swim and their body actually have enough floatation while the truck acts like a snorkel. Moreover, it is easy for them swim like more than 1 hours. But if you ask “Good at swim” or not. They answers is not, some animals like cat and rabbits, they actually can swim but they hate to swim! They can swim because they need alive.

In order to proof how elephants can swim. I collect several YouTube video to show elephants habits and abilities. Hope you can find the answer here.




The life of elephants


Elephants ability


How elephants sleeping


What do you think? Hope this article can help you 🙂


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