Black Sesame Ball Recipe

How to make a Black Sesame Ball Recipe




Material (may make about 60 grains)
Glutinous rice flour 300 grams
Water 250 milliliters (about)
Soy flour 100 grams


Inside   material
(Sugar-free) black-seeded sesame powder 80 grams
Hard sugar 80 grams
Solid rapeseed oil/version lard 100 grams (about)

How to make

1. Mix the black-seeded sesame powder, hard sugar and solid rapeseed oil/moderator mimeographing oil evenly. Then rubs the granulose again, as stuffing material.

2. The glutinous rice flour watering, rubs to slide softly the fried glutinous rice cake, divides the granulation to take the skin.

3. Wrap the material to rub the circle with a grain of fried glutinous rice cake, puts in the boiling water.

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