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Teen with permanently swollen leg hopes to inspire others with confident bikini picture

A wonderful girl called Isa-Della Leclarie, she’s get a rare disorder of the vascular system, which makes her right leg sweel to 40lbs (2.8 stone)

Such girls have say something very powerful to the world and she said ( below are the direct quotes):

i.   ‘I would explain to people my own age, saying just simply, “I was born this way”, she says, adding: ‘Children were just curious but once they knew I was okay they just played with me.’

ii.  ‘My condition doesn’t define me and there’s no way I would let it stop me from wearing a cute swimsuit or a cute dress,’ she says.

iii.  ‘For me confidence is the most important part because when people see someone confident in their body – even with a disability – they don’t have pity but instead admiration.’

iv. ‘When I was in public at the mall or beach, people would stare at me,’ Isa-Bella explains. ‘I had to grow up faster than other kids and had to realise what I had and that it was normal for people to be curious.’



Isa-Bella has a twin sister Danyka, who doesn’t have the condition, who describes her sister as ‘inspiring’. ‘She’s just very comfortable in her skin. I’m very proud of her,’ she says.


Twinning it since 1996 ✌️❤️ #twins #love #sister #summer photo credits to @_cloeh_

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Isa-Bella is recently having a course of lymph draining massages to drain the excess fluid from her leg back into her body, and she’s already lost 6cm from around her leg in three weeks. Amazing job done by her !!

Now, she’s looking forward to the future and wish her experience can inspire others as well !

You shine like silver in the sunlight You light up my whole heart #kodaline

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Dotors have told her mum Joanne that her daughter Isa-Bella might never be able to walk normally.However, despite the warnings and stares of strangers, her daughter has never been fazed and face the reality in daily, which make her even more beautiful in deep.

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