Awesome Mother Turns Her Son’s Hearing Aids Into Superheroes So He world feel fashionable wearing them

Cochlear implants and other hearing aids are quite different for children to wear because of the teasing or exclusion that they might suffer from their peers. However, Sarah Ivermee, a UK mother whose son, Freddie, also has trouble hearing, then her son gives her inspiration to change the decoration of hearing aid that make kids feeling more confident or we can say more comfortable when  their hearing aids and even make them the envy of the entire schoolyard!
One of her friends has told a story to  Ivermee and explained how hearing aids would gives child a negative effect on their mutual development. Within the conversation, Ivermee comes up a fresh idea to add nail stickers, and these decorations did the trick. It brings her a potential opportunity to create a company called Lugs, and she sends her designs to children all over the world!





Never think of that hearing Aid can be so charming and full of love from motherhood. Since latest a UK mom Sarah Ivermee has tried to design a unique and interesting aids for her son, the reason she has the idea to take action is because of LOVE. Her son, Freddie who is aged 4 years old with one ear deafed and has hearing loss on the other


Consequently, he has to wear a cochlear implant, which made him look difference from the normal child…….


This raise Sarah notice is time to change some element of the hearing aids to give lids a kind of satisfaction when wearing them


Direct quotes from an interview with Sarah, she said:

‘ i thought there would be a lot of of families struggling with children who don’t want to wear their [hearing devices], and I felt I had to help. ‘

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Continuous saying:

“Knowing children are not just happy to wear their hearing aids and cochlear but that they are proud to show them off makes it all worth while”


It’s really aan amazing design and help childs all over the world !!

Remember – YES, I wear hearing aids. No, you don’t need to tell when you talk to me


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