Anu Aunty ~~~~~ Rap “The Engineering Anthem Of India” Sums Up How Every Engineering Student Feels

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There are two types of career options in India .

The first type includes doctors and engineers, and the second one, well, it includes all the other professions.

Some  kind of concept what you’re saying about our generation “has a sense of entitlement a on the magic of a college degree” describes mostly Western people. I believe that  what video says are describing people with a more Eastern (Indian, Chinese, etc)  that the only jobs you can get are doctors or engineers.
If you are an Indian teenager living in US, you can see that very clearly. Parents do not give  a choice on what I want to do in life. They have decided that if I don’t become a doctor, I must be an engineer. However, many of them with American parents are convinced that all will be well with a film major, and their parents don’t push them to do something they don’t enjoy. What I’m trying to say is that I believe our perspective on college majors depends on our upbringing.



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