7 types of Chocolate Swiss Roll recipes and tutorials

Hi all Swiss roll lovers! How are you? This article from here is going to give some different types of Chocolate Swiss Roll decoration ideas and how can you actually make the Chocolate Swiss Roll in different styles. You may always think they are extremely difficult to make it, but actually is doesn’t. It is totally doable!

Here’s some easy chocolate Swiss roll recipe tutorial and link. If you are interest in any one of them. Just simply click the tutorial button or the picture. Enjoy!


1. Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake by Lauren



2. Swiss Swirl Ice Cream Cake

This is the ice-cream with cake rolls, ice cream and hot fudge. Kind of an interesting idea as well!

Swiss Swirl Ice Cream Cake


3. Swiss Roll Cookies and Cream Cake

Swiss Roll Cookies and Cream Cake


4. Chocolate yule log

This one is crammed with a deliciously light-weight occasional and cream cheese filling and smothered during a scrumptious wealthy chocolate buttercream, yum!

chocolate yule log


5. Snowball Cake Roll



6. Triple Chocolate Swiss Roll

Triple chocolate roll is evilly smart and can bring create a powerful cake instruction for any special day




7. Chocolate Pumpkin Swiss Roll

This is the Swiss roll that I personally think is the most beautiful and creative one! In this Swiss roll, you can taste chocolate favor mix with soft pumpkin taste.

Chocolate Pumpkin Swiss Roll Cake



Do you like one of them? Hope you are. If you like it, share and spread to the world for more cook and dessert lovers!


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