5 most beautiful places in the world

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For me, I think this is 5 most beautiful views and pictures.


In this world, how many so wonderful places you never go. How many beautiful spots you still not visit. If you still think your country is the best. If you still think other city cannot compare yours. Then here, you will change your views.


Holland- Tulip

Holland Tulips

Holland Tulips

Originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire. Holland tulips and other flowers is still well-known in all around the world. People also called as “Flower shop is the world”. The weather in Holland is suited to tulip growing, the best season is in coll springs just as they begin to bloom. Therefore, from March to the end of May is the best time for visiting. More accurately, April always is the best time. Therefore, when you go to here in April. No matter where you look, all the views and fields will be different and undoubtedly gorgeously colorful.

Find more here: Holland Tulips

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Japan- Ashikaga flower park

Ashikaga flower park

Ashikaga flower park

One of the best flower in Japan is Fuji flowers.

In order to visit this flowers, Ashikaga Flower Park is the best place. Ashikaga Flower Park features a lot of white, pink and blue color, as well as Kingusari that look like yellow Fuji.

The Fiji in Ashikaga Flower Park are constantly in bloom at the beginning of May. If you want to go there, it is not expensive. You just need to pay approximately 1000 Yen per adult during the Fuji peak season (Equivalent 9-9.5 US dollars), it is really cheap! One more addition tip, due to Ashikaga Flower Park is considered one of the best spots to view Fuji flower in Japan, the park can be crowded in May. Even on weekdays, you can still see people in everywhere.

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State of Alaska




Japan- Flower paradise;Hitachi Seaside park


Hitachi seaside park

Covering an area of 190 hectares, the park features blooming flowers around the year. The most famous flowers in there is called baby blue-eyes flowers.

Find more here: Hitachi Seaside Park

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Ukraine-Tunnel of love




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