5 mango banana strawberry smoothie recipe and decoration ideas for smoothie lovers

Hi all of my readers! This article is going to share 5 different styles and decoration methods that you can try for mango strawberry banana smoothie lovers! For we all know that, smoothie is a really great hot summer drinks that can help us cool down effectively. And somethings we can also make them sugar free in order to balance our health life! Fruits are always health unless we eat too much for particular fruits. In here, I will share 5 ways for banana, mango and strawberry making methods and decoration ideas. Some of their taste (like spicy) you definitely never try before. Hope you enjoy this article 🙂


1. Spicy favor smoothie

This smoothie is totally out of my thinking because it is spicy taste. If you are a spicy lover, you really cannot miss this creative smoothie.

Spicy Strawberry-Banana Mango Slushers



2. Smoothie with ready salad

I reckon this writer may be a pretty because most of her recipe always make it so healthy! They recommend this smoothie could eat with salad and they are best couple.



3. Beautiful decorating smoothie

This smoothie maker decorate banana, strawberry and mango smoothie is every eye-catching way! The maker also called this smoothie Sunrise smoothie. Would you like to learn and learn for it 🙂 ?




4. Green smoothie

This recipe put some extra veggie into the original smoothie. Perfect with your everyday breakfast!

Green smoothie



5. Coconut as well!

The last smoothie that I recommend is that coconut favor. It is very refreshing, healthy, and delicious! Coconut lover should not be miss it!



Do you like one of it? Hope you love it. If you think this article is helpful, leave the comment here and we can discuss of it!

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