4 most expensive cat in the world

If you have feed cat. You must know that how lazy are they. When you use all energy in your career and back home, they may still complaint for dinner!

But here, it’s totally the opposite.


1. Tara

A rude dog bite Tara’s host. Tara immediately knock the dog and save their son. After this video arise, Tara was invited to Bakerfield Blaze, wages is talking US$55600-$463700!


2. Lovely speaking cat

This video have over 50m click. Therefore, their value increase to approximately $8500-$70700.


3. Little kitten- Maru

This Scottish fold due to play paper boxes and therefore it’s value increase to approximately US$22m- 181m.


4. Piano cat

Although this piano cat has already dead and cannot see how his host make it’s popular. However, this video helps it’s host earn $21100- $175800 USD.


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