4 Chinese Chicken Corn Soup Recipe That You Need To Try In Different Style

Hello for my Recipetiffany’s readers! This article today is aims to share 4 different types of methods that you can try in making Chinese chicken corn soup. If you interest in one of that, you can just simply click the title and you will redirect to those different tutorial links. For those links, you can try the simplest, you may also try Indo-Chinese style as well. All cooking time is just approximately less than 1 hour, so it is definitely not hard! If you are chinese food lover, you definitely need to make this by yourself because you will think it worth of it.


1. Quickest Chinese style

This soup is so easy to make and may just use 30 minutes to cook! Ingredients is also very common.

Chinese Chicken Corn Soup in tea cups


2. Indo-Chinese chicken and corn style

This is the combination style of Chinese and Indonesia. If you been Indonesia before, you will know that what I mean. Because that soup is so popular in Indonesia as well!

Chicken sweet corn soup


3. Traditional Chinese method

This is classical Chinese making method. The characteristic of this soup is a mixture of sweet taste and sour taste. Most of Chinese mum also usually cook that for dinner because it is so healthy and a not expensive choice.

Vegetable Soup


4. Multi-culture chicken and corn soup

The author of this recipe aims to multi culture recipe. Therefore, I saw her soup recipe and she definitely mix with another countries element.

Corn Soup With Chicken

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