14 modern ideas how to make a clock for your own

Nowadays, buying a clock is much expensive than you make it by your own! Well, it cost you more and also the ideas is actually not modern, not unique, not cool and I don’t know.. Just can buy it everywhere! Therefore, if you also want of have you own clock and suit you best mind. Here’s some links and tutorial that you can definitely try it to make your home different with others!

In here, we have a list of 20 different styles of wall clock that you can be your reference today! Some links are buying links that you can purchase clocks directly from amazon. Another would be include tutorial that teach you step by step. So, just make somethings differences with your home. Starting with make a unique and modern clock now!


1. Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism

Starting with the simplest, this is also the necessary part of you clock. Then you make more differences near the center! You can buy it from Here.



2. Kitchen clock

Coffee or tea? Put this clock in Kitchen may help you relax after you work. Here



3. Black Butterfly Clock

This DIY clock may help you home become more elegant. Here




4. Green Still Stickers Wall Clock

Buy it from Here




5. Crystal Mirror 3D clock

Design mention that is for family decoration. Here




6. 2 Butterfly clock

Buy it in Here




7. Family clock

Anyone disagree Family is the best. This DIY clock can also remind our family save every second for our family. Buy it Here




8. Cute animals clock




9. Wooden DIY wall clock

This colorful clock is made by . You can learn it from Here.




10. Domino Clock

This tradition clock is made by Sadie Seasongoods. Learn it Here




11. Colorful wooden clock

I really don’t know where this clock come from. But you can still get the ideas how to make it. Find some wood and put the clock movement mechanism in the center.




12. DIY Wooden Spool Clock

This classical clock is made by . I personally like this clock very much! Learn it Here



13. Vintage License Plates clock

This is from clockshoppes.com, it worth $204. But actually you can do it by yourself.




14. Baby button clock

I don’t know where it comes from. But actually you can make it by yourself.





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