12 big/main differences between rich and poor people

Gap between poor and rich people

You know why some people are rich? Do you want to know what the major differences between poor and rich people are?

The following 12 points are the poor person with the difference of rich person,

Look, you will understand…



1. Self-cognition

Poor people: Little thinks how to make money with how to make money,

Thinks own this, does not believe for a lifetime will have anything to change.


Rich people: They always believed one live should not be the poor person, but must be the rich person,

He has the intense making money consciousness; this is the thing in his blood,

He can want completely all means to make itself become rich.


2. Entertainment 

Poor people: Watches the television at home, is moved for the plot of soap opera sheds bitter tears,

Also must imitate the fashion in television to arm itself.


Rich people: Outside running market, even if plays golf not to forget to bring the project contract. Do you agree?


3. Socialization 

Poor people: Likes the poor relationship, the circle of poor person mostly is a poor person, they mostly refuses to make relationship with rich and any success people. Eventually, the mentality has become the mentality of poor person. The thought has become the thought of poor person, the matter that does is also the pattern of poor person. Your vision gradually constrained by such trivial matters, but wore down the lofty aspirations and high ideals.


Rich people: Most likes handing over that type to be helpful to oneself,

Friend who can enhance various oneself abilities. Not only just someone they have same habit or same topic. 


4. Learning, learning and also.. Learning

That is very true. A knowledgeable person always thinks they still have a lot of shortcoming and disadvantages. They are not pretend to say so. I mean: In their mind really think so. Also, I want to think about of this. Do you agree of this following statement?

Poor people they tend to learn skills. Rich people tend to learn management and concept. 


5. Timing

Poor people: Person who enjoys the abundant time is impossible to make money, they mostly think that leisurely and carefree relaxed will lose the opportunity of making money.

The time of poor person is not valuable, sometimes even unnecessary.


Rich people: Regardless of a person makes money in what way,

Regardless of also money makes is many are few, must pass through accumulation of time.

Even they are playing, their relaxation time still related with work.

When rich people suffer loss, they never have any time to think about impossible. They aim to success and also… become success. They seldom have times is called “leisure time”.

Poor people through them are always busy. Yep, may be really busy, busy in…. playing, entertainment, and also playing.


6. Belongingness

Poor people because of own base, lacking security sense, desperately hopes one are subordinated and relies on an association.

Therefore they take the standard of this association as their standard, was conformed to the standard by own at all, regarding the poor person, works in a famous enterprise stably for dozens years, has been done senior director from the intern, that was results in simply wonderfully cannot the wonderful ideal. But… thinking about of this: How many of them can be success eventually?


Rich people: The leaders of these associations usually are the rich people,

They always teach people “team spirit” is almost the secret of success. If you work in a company buy you always think you always can’t contribute in your company, you really need to take this into account and improve of it. On the other hand, rich people never think they are the best. Therefore, what they are doing is finding more, more and more clever and intelligent people to come in their organization. Trained new person, with the aim of momentarily can replace the world.


7. Investment

Poor people: The classical viewpoint is little with is equal to gaining much. For example, opens a food restaurant, returns ratio is 100%, invests 20,000, one year net gains 20,000, it was very good to the those poor people. When poor people have money, what they do is… they tend to saving or invest less to earn more. They don’t like risk, or they never try risk! What they want is just put a little bit money to earn a lot, just like a chicken and egg theory. Chicken born some eggs, then use those eggs to give more chicken and eggs. However, if this chicken die eventually, all the wishes gone. Put all the things in just one basket, the fact is the basket is always very weak.


Rich people: The starting point of rich person is use ten thousand to earn more than ten thousand or even earn things that other people never imagine! I hear this story by my friends in 1 week before and really let me to earn more than I think. The story is like this: A unlucky farmer buy a cheap place, but eventually what he buy the land is… all snack and impossible to get any vegetable from this land. Guess how he fully utilizes this land? He eventually caught those snakes, different kinds of snakes then put it in different glass. Because his land is really in bad condition, when he takes away those snakes, other snakes will come and never stop. What he does is he sells all the snakes and some snakes is really valuable and seldom can find. Then, you know, he becomes a millionaire and get famous in China.


8. Enthusiasm

Poor people: Without the fervor. He always orderly, it is difficult to leave the blunder, will not achieve well.

It is not able to be excited without the fervor, is impossible to put into the work wholeheartedly.

The majority of poor people cannot say do not have the fervor, but his fervor always consumes at the too concrete matter.


Rich people: They never stop thinking they will success.

When a person has as such fervor, the poor person finally will not be a poor person!

The fervor is an instinct, is the symbol of vitality, when someone had the fervor, will have inspirational spark,  will have bright individuality, will have  intense power in the interpersonal relationship, will also had has solved the problem the boldness and method gradually.


9. Self-confident

Poor people: The self-confidence of poor person always from external factors. Here I mean goods, like brand names, luxury products. Buy when they consumer more and more, they gradually never saving any money. When an opportunity comes, they lack of money, experiences, knowledge and relationship.


Rich people: Rich person does not have anything specially, when the scene is good, is not over-optimistic; When the scene is not good, is not excessively pessimistic.

Actually is a rich person just have unlimited unique self-confidence.

The self-confidence seldom or never affected by external factor, because before you get success, you most built the confident first.


10. Hobby

Poor people: Here’s a story, a rich person gives the poor person a cow. The poor people start to struggle hopefully. However, the cow must eat grass, the human must eat meal, and life is not that easy. Eventually, the poor people sold the cow, has bought several sheep, has eaten one, remaining using next life lamb. But the lamb do not get born, the day was still difficult. The poor guy then sold the sheep, has bought the chicken, wants to make the chicken raw egg make money to live. However the day has not changed, finally the poor person also killed the chicken. The ideal of poor person collapsed thoroughly. This is the hobby of poor person.


Rich people: According to an investment expert, the rich person success secret is:

When does not have money, no matter is difficult, do not use the investment and savings,

The pressure will cause the new method that you found to make money, helping you pay off the bill.

This is good to be familiar with. The disposition forms the custom, the custom decides successfully.


11. Internet

Poor people: Accesses the net to chat. First, poor person time are many; second, poor people never stop speaking. The rich people are fastidious about the honor or disgrace not startled, gentle honest, that called the self-control, having the self-control can the powerful and firmly. The poor people cannot give a thought to that many. Playing always is the first! Second? Still playing!


Rich people: Accesses the net to find the investment opportunity.

The rich people access the net, what are more is uses the network the low cost highly efficiency,

Seek many and many investment opportunities and projects. Fully take the advantages from internet in their business.


12. Expenses

Poor people: Buys the name brand to experience feeling of satisfaction,

Most likes the popular fashionable product that experimented just came out, they believes expensive was inevitably good.


Rich people: Buys the name brand to save the time of choice detail, and compared with the selling price of consumable. I am not talking about they never buy brand name or luxury goods. I mean they care about the quality of product; even they buy those luxury goods. It may still a future investment. Eventually, they become richer and richer.


If you still reading my article. Hopefully you really enjoy and not really think it is rubbish. And also.. Because I am not a western person, therefore my grammar may not that good, but I believe that it won’t affect the meaning in here. Hope all readers in here don’t care too much about of my bad grammer in here. If you have any feeling want to share, I kindly invite you to share your through below. Additionally, if you feel free to help me, please like and share this article to let more people know about of it. Thank you for patient to read in here!

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